Maksim Palmaxs ft. Anya Hibenthal - "Open Your Mind"

DJ Feel поддержал наш трек в своем радио-шоу "Трансмиссия" на радио "Рекорд"

Музыка: Maksim Palmax, Аня Хибенталь
Слова: Николай Галанов, Аня Хибенталь

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I never let you go
I could not ask for more
But only you know how to save my heart
Take another try
Leave the past behind
When darkness comes, I'll never be too far

Open your mind. Let me slip inside
I said you could be mine. We'd never be apart

Two hearts can beat as one.
When all is said and done,
Will you stay with me forever?
I take you to my dream
Untill I have wings
And we belong, we belong together

Why do we cry
Why do we lie
Tell me, tell me why
I'm falling for you
We can win this fight
Baby, hold me tight
And I will hear
I will be near
I'll be in your heart
I close my eyes, I'm flying so high
Baby, hold me tight